Monday, 30 June 2008

What the first ride went like

The first ride on Saturday 28th June had a good turn out - 12 people to be exact. With cakes and coffee stop at the rather plush-looking new East Park pavilion, we trundled on round by the cycle tracks to the Humber and the docks. Some cooed over the huge container-lifting leviathan of a truck before we passed a murder scene (of fish - we hope) and then looked angrily in ABPs(Associated British Ports) direction for blocking a right of way. However, skimming stones (trying to) took our minds off things. Well, it did for me. There was one feistier person amongst us whom shall remain nameless but caused amusement as we tried to detect in his walk back to the group what had actually happened at the dock office.
Anyway, I am wittering about nothing and something. What is actually the beauty of the day is all of it. Lasting much longer than I expected and with one token broken brake cable (much less broken bike than I expected), I had - and I reckon the others too - had a jolly good time. I will be adding photos when the lovely Emily returns from her jaunt to the BIG APPLE (capitals are necessary). Respect to Chris who came with Emily for riding my dad's oversized bike and for risking his future by coping with the rigid 1950s leather saddle.
PS If you're coming on the night ride up to Hessle to see the bridge and Hull's glorious lights, then do bring lights. They only cost a couple of bob and it's not fancy - just good.
See you this Saturday - sooner than I had originally thought, but the next day ride will be a couple of weeks after that. Let us know what's good for you - days, times, etc. I'll put the new email: on the website somewhere too.
Blimey. This is a lot longer than I thought.

Monday, 9 June 2008

09 June 2008 - first thoughts

Well, here we are. The beginning of something good I hope. Or maybe it'll just be me turning out for random rides around the Hull area.
I have been thinking about this idea for months. I love cycling. I am passionate about it. But I do not want to bore you, or put you off. I will not show up in lycra. Or with a bike that resembles a giraffe of the bike world. I am not on a mission to convert. Merely to enjoy cycling with a group of other people. Like-minded is a crappy term - but you probably know what I mean.
I will hold on to this happy feeling I have right now, even if no-one turns up to the meetings. It's the idea of gently nudging people to try this and then enjoying it that is also making me smile right now.
A few important points:

  • you need a bike to be able to come along

  • you don't need to have cycled more than a couple of miles before

  • it would be good to do an 11am ride to begin with - in a while, we could go out for a midnight ride (very very cool)

I will be on my shopper bike aka a shopping bicycle - nothing to do with Choppers. And I think the first ride will be round the old industrial areas of Hull. Not very far out at all. But really interesting. Factories, bridges and places you probably don't see much. I'll think of a date that's in a few weeks time - so I can get this publicised in a variety of places.