Sunday, 27 June 2010

The Malecon of Hull

An impromptu ride out by the Malecon of Hull. Incredible sun, shimmering water, a very fine beer and a half decent '99'. Oh, and a lock gate that nearly got the better of me.

We waved to a sailing boat with a beautiful proud sail; cycled around Hedon Road Cemetery (with MANY squirrels); tried out a Addizone on Marfleet Lane (pants is too good a term) and returned via the old Hedon Road and empty streets. Hurrah for overpaid men in baggy shorts. Overpaid men in tight shorts is another story.

Flyer for larks and owls ride

Look, they’re cycling

down the high street, twelve or more

hopeful youths in white!

A truck has just jack-knifed
at a risky junction

but they’re still together,

happy as a million larks.

Philippe Z, 'Time Warp'

2 hours

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Ride to Barton for scampi fries and shandy

A (small) handful met at Pave.

Rode down Spring Bank West and down the cycle trck that comes out on Anlaby Road (opp Tradex).
Weather was fantastic. A little windy once we got on to the bridge but it adds to the thrill.

Thanks Allan, Hannah, Louise and Kat for riding.