Sunday, 27 June 2010

The Malecon of Hull

An impromptu ride out by the Malecon of Hull. Incredible sun, shimmering water, a very fine beer and a half decent '99'. Oh, and a lock gate that nearly got the better of me.

We waved to a sailing boat with a beautiful proud sail; cycled around Hedon Road Cemetery (with MANY squirrels); tried out a Addizone on Marfleet Lane (pants is too good a term) and returned via the old Hedon Road and empty streets. Hurrah for overpaid men in baggy shorts. Overpaid men in tight shorts is another story.


Philip Zyg said...

Hi Gisele, it's still me Philippe.
As I said in my previous comment, something happened to the Inspivia site and therefore I cannot answer through that channel.
Of course you can use my poem or part of it for your blog.

Hannah Cooper said...

Lovely route this, done it myself. Can't beat a ride by the river: