Saturday, 9 August 2008

we ended up at skidby: 29.07.08

Stuck at the lights at Chants Ave: gave everyone
a chance to reassemble as a group (and themselves)

Oh what a fine night: setting off at 7.15pm from Pearson Park we had 13 people turn up. Two people came just to say they were full of cold and wanted to come but couldn't!

I arrived with my chips and gravy carefully balanced in my shopping basket; another arrived and then dashed off to collect a tandem and ride with one of the guys from Beech Holme; 2 came from East Hull... fantastic. I think there were about 9 new riders on a crazy range of bikes: from their teenage mountain bike to a Pashley sit-up-and-beg doo-dah.

Not knowing where to head for, a number of suggestions were banded about so by the time the last person turned up we knew we were aiming for Skidby: the Half Moon pub awaited about 5 miles away.

...And then we got there. Hurrah for shandy -
sweet, refreshing and doesn't make you
wobble or lose your energy so
you feel like a lump of lard.

a turn in control and a turn in trusting the front rider...
Hmm, nearly forgot.... on the way home, riding down the cycle path that cuts out the full length of Priory Road and comes out on Spring Bank West, we were joined by 2 youngish lads.
'What are you doin'?'
''Cos we want to'
'Oh. What charity are you doin' it for?'
*puzzled pause* 'It's not for charity - we're just having a bike ride.'
*puzzled look*
'It's for fun.'

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