Saturday, 9 August 2008

midnight ride 05.07.08: Humber Bridge

Well. Time to catch up. Our second ride was to the Humber Bridge, setting off at 11.30pm, on a slightly drizzly evening. Five of us showed on the large ramp to St. Stephens: the more concerned of us dazzling in our rave attire.
We took the back streets and cycle paths up to Hessle where we whipped and walked up Hull's version of K2 (that's saying a lot) to the Humber Bridge. From there we took a few turns past some HE-UGE houses, through the darkness of a meadow, and arrived in the Humber Bridge car park. Then up onto the top of the bridge. Well, not on the actual top (300 feet up perched on top of a breezy tower), but on the cycle path that joins red and yellow bellys (how could that not be mentioned?).
A bottle of pop was consumed at the other side once we had touched ground and climbed back up to the flat where the concrete stays are. A photograph taken, a munch of chocolate and we were back on our way: this time on the east side of the bridge. You see, at half past twelve at night there are limited toilet facilities available and so time was of the essence for some of us.

Having been very busy during the week prior to this ride, I remember saying to one of the riders about how it felt a bit surreal and I didn't feel like I was experiencing the actual ride - more like I was riding in a tunnel. Sometimes it can be like that: you've been so focused prior to riding that it can take a good cycle to become human again and really relax. Can't say I felt that relaxed though when I got home at 2.30am. A different kind of relaxed maybe...
We cycled back via Boothferry Road (well done Grandad) and split at Walton Street after some crazy stunts from some foolhardy owls. Of course, I nearly forgot the cheesy chips in Hessle Square...

'We are cyclists' said an owl (cue bemused look from swaying man)

We have lights... we are midnight cyclists...

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